Disaster Recovery and Clean-Up, Information for Residents

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July 17, 2017
Contact Information: Lake County Emergency Management Agency, 847-377-7100 


Disaster Recovery and Clean-Up, Information for Residents

Damage Assessment

Lake County has received
a State disaster proclamation due to the widespread flooding in our region. This
can open the door for federal assistance. Disaster recovery is a multi-step process starting
with an initial damage assessment, which is now underway. Lake County is
working with local municipalities and the Illinois Emergency Management Agency
(IEMA) to conduct the assessment. The US Civil Air Patrol is currently
capturing aerial photography of the flooded areas.

We need a
complete and accurate damage assessment report that
includes damages incurred in both incorporated and unincorporated Lake
County. The detail within this report will help determine eligibility for federal

What should residents do?

• Fill out this form to report your damage.

• If your home or personal property was damaged by the flooding, contact your insurance company to determine coverage and start the claim process.

Clean-up: Complete emergency clean-up activities that may include removing water damaged property (carpeting, cabinets).

Repairs: Consider waiting to conduct repair work, such as
replacing dry wall or carpeting. This is important because officials may need to inspect impacted
facilities as a part of the damage assessment process. While we don’t know if
federal assistance will become available, doing non-emergency repair work
before the damage assessment process is complete may cause the repairs to be ineligible for future FEMA financial assistance

• Document your flood damage with pictures, and keep all receipts related to the clean-up and repair of your property.

• Contact your village/city or Lake County Planning Building and Development (for unincorporated residents) for assistance with the disaster assessment process.

We have started receiving reports of scams targeting flood damage victims. We encourage everyone to be aware of who they are talking to and avoid giving any personal information over the phone.

Please review this resource from IEMA: FAQ’s for Residents Affected by Flooding.

Local Resources May Be Available:

Several local agencies are beginning to transition into flood recovery. Please contact your local municipality or township to see if assistance is available in the following areas:

• Some areas have already set up special garbage collections for disposal of flood-contaminated debris, including used sandbags and flood-soaked personal property.

• Clean-up kits provided by the American Red Cross are being distributed to communities upon request.

• Some local agencies are offering permit fee waivers and/or fast-tracking permits for flood related repairs. If you live in a municipality, contact your village. Residents in unincorporated Lake County can contact the Lake County Planning, Building and Development Department at 847-377-2600.

Septic systems
During heavy rains and floods, the ground is often saturated,
preventing proper operation of septic systems. Waste water from malfunctioning
septic tanks seeping into the ground can contaminate surface water and ground
water. For additional information, including signs that a septic system is not working properly, and precautions you can take, please visit our website

Water Wells
waters may contaminate wells. Drinking and/or washing with water
from a private well that has been flooded is not advised as the well water may
be contaminated with bacteria and other contaminants. Residents on private
wells need to have their water tested after floodwaters have receded. The
Health Department is offering free water testing to residents whose wells are
affected by flooding. For additional information on well water testing, contact
Environmental Health Services at (847) 377-8020.

Lake County Recorder Provides Deeds for Flood Victims

Owners of flood-damaged
properties who are seeking financial assistance from Lake County banks and
lending institutions will need to show proof of ownership in order to secure
loans. The Lake County Recorder’s Office will be working closely with
government officials and impacted property owners to provide any necessary
recorded documents at no cost to flood victims. To obtain a free certified copy
of the deed, contact the Recorder of Deeds Office at 847-377-2575. Lake County
military veterans in flood-damage areas may also qualify for additional
programs. Veterans may contact the Recorder of Deeds Office to obtain a free
certified copy of their Military Discharge Papers, commonly known as DD214s,
for proof of military service.

Reception Centers

The Red Cross has two reception centers open to assist residents displaced by flooding. The following locations will be open tonight, and Red Cross will assess the need for reception centers on a day-by-day basis.

• Magee Middle School, 500 N. Cedar Lake Road, Round Lake 

• Jefferson Middle School, 600 South Lewis Avenue, Waukegan 

Office: 847-377-7100

LC Emergency Management

24-hour dispatch: 847-549-5200

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